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Located in the spectacular Aoraki Mount Cook National Park we provide a variety of accommodation possibilities to suit you. Glentanner Park is situated 15 minutes drive south of the Mount Cook Village alongside the major highway. Mt. Cook Village is positioned on a dead finish road and is the a single and only entry point into the park. On December 14, 1991, the whole leading of the east face of Mount Cook collapsed containing 10 million cubic metres of snow, ice and rock, turning the summit into an exposed ice ridge.

The Aoraki Mount Cook visitor centre is a beautifully created constructing with massive image windows and lovely views. Quickly Aoraki loomed closer and closer as we crossed the broad valley beneath and entered the resort town of Mt. Cook Village. It towers above a splendid cast of massive snow-clad peaks that make up Mount Cook National Park. Aoraki was sitting larger than all the others, and if you appear at Mt Cook (from a passenger jet say) it is certainly noticeable greater than other peaks in the Southern Alps.

The Aoraki Mount Cook Alpine Lodge gives a moderate level of mt cook accommodation nz Cook accommodation. Please get in touch with us if your ski chalet, resort hotel or other Aoraki-Mt Cook accommodation is not shown above and you would like us to add it to our listing. The Hermitage Hotel is located in the idyllic Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. Inside Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is the village of Mount Cook.

With 2 ski runs integrated in the Ski The Tasman package, Mount Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters will fly your ski celebration into the prime of the Tasman Glacier. Scenic flights from Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook afford breathtaking views more than the Southern Alps and countryside, with ski-plane landings on the Tasman Glacier providing an unforgettable knowledge.

An additional mountain common for mountaineers of intermediate skills is Sebastopol, the closest mountain to Mount Cook Village. Glorious mountain walks to suit each degree of fitness show off the park's wealthy flora, such as the Mount Cook "lily", the biggest buttercup in the globe. Then retrace your footsteps and keep a night at White Horse Hill or Glentanner campgrounds, a lodge, or the renowned Hermitage Hotel at Aoraki-Mt Cook village so you can watch the splendour of sunset and sunrise over ‘the Cloud Piercer'.

You can take a look at a business like Intercity that has every day busses to and from Tekapo to Mount Cook Village. I have spent a lot of early mornings here watching the sunrise from behind the mountains and sits a single of my favored factors to do in Mount Cook. AirBnB is worth a try BUT remember there are very really handful of residences within an hour of Aoraki-Mt Cook - it is National Park & really large rugged higher nation sheep stations.

As Aoraki Mt Cook National Park is part of the largest International Dark Sky Reserve , there is no greater spot to see the night sky with clarity. Rome2rio has located three techniques to get from Mount Cook Village to Greymouth by bus and automobile. From The Ashley Mackenzie Villa you can enjoy uninterrupted views up Lake Pukaki to the Southern Alps and Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain.

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