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Rue Grande 448
Baelen, WLG 4837
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Trusted doctor ( is a California, USA based Artificial Intelligence company that is developing creative solutions to empower Dentists, Chiropractor, Optometrist and other doctors all around the world

They excel in area of cloud collaboration, web-appointments, patient education and most importantly in bringing trust and confidence for both doctors and patients. To be a trusted doctor, they need to have good references and work history. Every doctor’s credentials are manually verified before they are allowed to be part of trusted-doctor ecosystem.

Additionally, one of the big pain for doctors is "patient review websites", Many companies are doing it however those companies tend to be biased towards people who are advertising on their platform. This has caused frustration for many great doctors who are good however since they don’t pay, they are penalized directly or indirectly by "patient review websites". "would not" and "shall not" take any money "in any form" to promote any doctor or show them as sponsored results on top

All the doctors would be ranked without bias based on reviews from patients and the value the trusted doctor provides to the community. Company is building advanced data science AI algorithms to make sure system remains totally honest and transparent

Every trusted-doctor gets their own personalized profile page, This helps doctors in getting high visibility on internet and on other websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook etc. helps patients in getting second opinion and their primary doctors can refer them to other trusted doctors. This way, patients can have the piece of mind. Think about it, a patient in India or China can get a second opinion on their medical condition from a doctor in USA or Europe

To ensure success for this noble mission, the company is supported by a 501c(3) non-profit. This ensures that both doctors and patients can get excellent services. Anyone willing to join or be listed on trusted-doctor website can send email to

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